Research Areas of Interest:

My research focuses on statistical genetic, statistical learning and its applications to large genomic data and directional statistics.

Statistical Genetics

I am interested on developing statistical methods for mapping complex quantitative traits in genetic analysis methods, with a specific interest on complex human disease:

  • Linkage analysis for complex traits
  • Expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) mapping
  • Quantitative trait loci (QTL) association
  • Rare variants association
  • Analysis of methylation data
Statistical Learning and its applications to genomic data

With the advent of inexpensive DNA sequencing technology, statistical genetics is undergoing the similar transition to big data that all branches of applied statistics are experiencing. In the presence of large genetic/genomic datasets, I am interested on questions:

  • What role does data mining play in genomics?
  • In the presence of a large number of genotypes (i.e. predictors), how can one perform model selection in association studies?
Directional Statistics
  • Statistical modelling of directional data
  • Statistical modelling of rigid body displacements